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FIA Expo 2012 is over. We had a great time at the show, made a number of valuable contacts, and had an opportunity to see inside a relatively new business vertical. Both our IT solutions and my Psy halloween costume were very well received!

At the show we showcased two of our innovative solutions: our overclocked Vega™ series server and a new Ark™ series storage solution.

We’ve talked about the Vega™ series solutions before: an innovative custom-developed solution that combines our engineering and design expertise with the latest technology from multiple vendors. Vega™ series overclocked systems are capable of attaining speeds up to 40+% greater than their non-overclocked counterparts, and they feature new generation processors from Intel, including the energy efficient Ivy Bridge architecture. We’ve also implemented a unique liquid-cooling solution to prevent overheating. Simply put, it’s overclocking and stability in a single package.

Ark™ is something we’ll be showing off more in the near future. The solution we demoed at FIA Expo is a SAN (storage area network) box running a unique technology called Nytro™ on the backend. Developed by our partner LSI, Nytro™ is an intelligent solid-state storage architecture that combines SSDs with software that analyzes data hot spots to determine which data is best processed in flash and which is best stored in hard disks. Nytro™-powered Ark™ solutions deliver up to 12x acceleration in database performance and 10x latency reduction for SAN-connected storage. They also offer significant virtualization benefits through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), capitalizing on the advantages of virtual servers while mitigating the problems of traditional disk access.

On the conference side of things we had an opportunity to hear some great presentations and discussions on a variety of topics from the impact of new regulations such as Basel III, reflections on the stability of financial markets (with a spotlight on major crises of the past few years, including the Flash Crash and Knight Capital), and the transformation of financial technology and the role financial IT plays.

Below are some more photos from the exhibit hall floor. Be sure to check out our FIA Expo 2012 photo album on our Facebook Fan Page!