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Intel Processors

FAQ about Intel Rocket Lake-S Processor

What is new with Intel Rocket Lake (11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900k)?

One of the main improvements in the Intel Rocket Lake line is the Cypress Cove microarchitecture. Not only have they improved the Xe Graphics (32 execution units) but Intel also has increased relative performance as well as the additions of PCI 4.0 (On a single drive) and AVX512 instructions to all the processor lines.

What is AVX512 and do I need it?

AVX512 instructions are a nice addition to the chip but the important thing to know is these are generally use-case-specific. These are circuits that are specifically designed around math and algorithm processing and as such if you are in the machine learning category, this would provide some good performance. If this is your use case, then this will outperform the newer AMD chips for relative performance and even Apple’s M1 processor.

Will memory performance increase with Rocket Lake?

With Rocket Lake, there is a new memory controller. The controller ratios are perhaps one of the most interesting elements and memory kits are beginning to emerge to make use of this introduction. These are known as Gear 1 & Gear 2. One of the other features Intel has added is the ability to overclock your RAM from within the OS, this is something that is useful to a lot of general use cases and is a big positive step for Intel.

Which Rocket Lake CPU is best for Hosting Companies and Data Centers?

With the focus of power/performance ratios as well as customer use cases, Hosting Companies and Data centers have a dilemma when looking at new CPU lines. Each hosting company is different but with the general instructions of AVX512 emerging which will be used more in Machine Learning and AI, we believe the full line of processors will be within the range of use for particular Data Centers and hosters. The Hosters who focus on virtualization and shared hosting will see advantages in the relative performance and architecture improvements as well as power optimizations in the new line of CPUs.

What will come after Rocket Lake and should I wait?

Intel is rumoured to be working on “Alder Lake” for release later on in the year. The additions are rumoured to include DDR5 memory, PCI 5.0 and Thunderbolt 4. We believe with everything we know currently, Rocket Lake is worth purchasing.