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GPU Servers FAQ

Where are graphics cards used?

Graphics cards are a critical pieces of hardware not just for gamers but for intensive business operations such as Machine Learning and AI. ICC specialized in specific business use cases for GPUs. Whether it be transcoding, machine learning, artificial intelligence, ICC focuses on the GPU implementation behind these use cases.

Will a graphic card reduce lag?

Lag is taken in many instances. A common use of the term “lag” is in relation to the network. GPUs focus on input lag. The frames are the only relevant factor behind a GPU. Input lag is the time that takes place between a request and an action and GPUs are able to help reduce input lag.

Which graphics card driver do I need?

Depending on the graphics card you have, you will need different drives and software. Nvidia and AMD have useful tools (auto-detect) which help you explore the software you need. 

How do I solve an overheating graphics card?

Overheating the graphics card itself and overheating components are around it are critical to dealing with overheating inside your system. ICC can help you with assessing which component is overheating.

What graphics card is best for 240Hz monitors?

There is a standard in which you will need to hit for 240Hz monitors to work successfully.