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Turnkey Solution for Computational Fluid Dynamics and FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS


Powered by ICC hardware and LMX Cloud software, our high performance turnkey Engineering LMX Cluster is GPU accelerated for CFD, FEA, and EDA workloads at scale.


Modern engineering design workloads depend on simulation-driven technologies that both ingest and generate huge datasets. With these continually growing datasets comes the continual need for more and more compute power and ultimately a high-performance computing infrastructure. Finding a compromise between cost and research requirements is something we offer with our Turnkey CFD Cluster solutions.

Featuring the latest generation hardware and LMX Cloud software, our turnkey offering is a densely heterogeneous computing platform, with both CPUs and GPUs integrated to help maximize workload acceleration, boost memory and performance.

Our expert team has designed low, medium, and high spec cluster solutions optimized for analytical and simulation-lead workloads including computational fluid dynamics(CFD), finite element analysis (FEA), and exploratory data analysis (EDA).

Life Science Server Cluster

AI-Ready Hardware

Clusters for any scale

Our expert team has designed low, medium, and high spec cluster solutions, optimized for life science workloads.

Form Factor Low Spec Cluster

1x NVIDIA Mellanox SN2010 Switch

1x Deployment Node


1x Hyper-Converged Node

LMX Cloud Software

Form Factor Medium Spec Cluster

1x NVIDIA Mellanox SN2410 Switch

1x Deployment Node

1x Compute Node

3x Controller Nodes

1x Weka Storage Node


6x Ceph Storage Nodes

LMX Cloud Software

Form Factor High Spec Cluster

2x NVIDIA Mellanox SN2700 Switch

1x Deployment Node

1x Compute Node

3x Controller Nodes

2x Weka Storage Node


12x Ceph Storage Nodes

LMX Cloud Software

LMX Building Blocks

Turnkey Cluster Hardware

Featuring the latest and most powerful server architecture available on the market



Latest Gen NVIDIA GPUs

Our Turnkey Cluster solutions offer up to 8x NVIDIA A100 GPUs, delivering unprecedented compute performance to aid the discovery of new drugs, uncover genetic mutations to better fight disease, and drive healthcare innovation.



Weka NVMe file Storage

The NVMe storage block comes pre-integrated with WekaFS, a modern file system that accelerates the data pipeline, whether it is next-generation sequencing, Microscopy, or bio-imaging, lowers the cost of research and keeps data secure.



Latest Gen CPU options

We offer the latest generation CPU options from industry veterans AMD, built to handle large scientific and engineering datasets with top performance – ideal for HPC workloads, compute-intensive models, and analysis techniques.



NVIDIA Mellanox Interconnect

High Performance clusters require flexible, high-speed connections. NVIDIA Mellanox interconnect accelerates and offloads data transfers to ensure compute resources never “go hungry” and simplifies infrastructure automation so applications run faster.

Turning Hardware into an Engineering Cluster

LMX Cloud Software

When developing a turnkey cluster solution, we adopt a layered approach, starting with the end-user requirements at the application level and working down the stack to the hardware that will ultimately deliver the resources. The goal of our software is to plug the gap between end user expectancy, and what’s ultimately deliverable by the hardware.

How it works

Users can log in via our easy-to-use, API-driven interface and simply request the hardware resources that he or she requires to run their desired application. LMX Cloud handles the provisioning, OS deployment, application configuration, scheduling, telemetry, and monitoring and presents the user with an environment that they know and are familiar with.

Application Repository

Our built-in software application repository is a portfolio of thousands of containerised simulation-led and data analytics, applications and tools that come pre-integrated and ready to run such as Ansys and OpenFOAM.


Our platform includes hpc-optimized capabilities such as secure dedicated clusters that can support collaborative research, virtualized GPUs for accelerating analytical workloads, cloud-native workstations for high-resolution image analysis as well as the integration of AI technologies such as Kubernetes.

Regardless of where you are on the journey to becoming more cloud-native, LMX platform can support workloads at any stage.

How it works

LMX for Engineering

Ai Ref Architecture Engineering

Cloud Driven Analysis

Engineering Use Cases

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

The use of a combination of mathematics, physics, and computational software to simulate or visualize how a gas or liquid flows.

Finite Element Analysis

The use of calculations, models, and simulations to predict and understand how an object might behave under various physical forces.

Exploratory Data Analytics

Exploratory Data Analytics

The analysis of datasets by summarising their main characteristics, often with visual methods – used for seeing what the data can tell us before modeling and simulations.

Press Release

ICC announces its new EMEA Representatives – Define Tech Ltd.

ICC is proud to announce a new strategic alliance with Define Tech – its new EMEA representative, tasked with uncovering, developing, and supporting ICC USA’s European customer base.

Building upon ICC-USA’s expertise in delivering market-leading hardware and software solutions, Define Tech will extend ICC-USA’s reach to now support partners and customers, on a global basis.

Our Brands

Building upon our expertise in delivering market-leading hardware and software solutions, Define Tech will extend ICC’s reach to now support partners, and customers, on a global basis.