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International Computer Concepts, with partner AMD, has helped non-governmental organization eHealth Nigeria deploy infrastructure to improve their healthcare system.

eHealth Nigeria is a non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to improving health care in developing countries through strengthening health care workers and the systems that support them. They work with Ministries of Health, local governmental organizations, and in-country partners to develop sustainable Health Management Information Systems (HMIS).

Needing a reliable way to track patient data, and with nearly nonexistent information systems, eHealth Nigeria sought a solution for their infrastructure problems. Network and server access is limited throughout the Nigerian healthcare system due to a lack of consistently reliable energy. The solution was to build a small but fully-functional data center with a dedicate power source. But in order to fully actualize this plan, they needed server hardware to take full advantage of their limited power supply. Working with eHealth Nigeria, we identified that servers based on multi-core AMD Opteron™ 6100 Series and AMD Opteron™ 4100 Series processors would deliver the optimum combination of energy efficiency and processing power for extensive virtualization.