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Making the right RAID card choice can often depend on your server configuration and drive type(s) as well as OS support for your particular RAID card(s). 

If you’re looking for RAID 0 or RAID 1, you might be OK with onboard RAID. This is not an extensive RAID mode and you should consider onboard RAID before going to look at an expensive RAID card. 

Some of the complexities of picking a good RAID card is understanding if you’ll need an onboard cache and multicore processors. Using traditional spinning drives is becoming less of a use case than SSDs and NVMe SSDs. You’ll need to consider this as supporting these types of drives is a little less common from some RAID card controller manufacturers. 

A lot of people in the datacenter space want a larger cache, support for SuperMicro servers and a battery backup unit, for example. This is something we see on a recurring basis. 

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