Success Stories

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ICC Configures Innovative Storage System with LSI™ 6Gb/s SAS I/O to Handle Supercomputing Center's Unprecedented Data Storage Challenges - February 2011

The National Center for Supercomputing Applications engages in extremely resource-intensive data management. One of these projects is the "Dark Energy Survey," an undertaking of tremendous scale involving over 120 scientists from 23 institutions internationally. ICC utilized LSI technology to help the NCSA handle an unprecedented challenge in increasing data storage and management. [Learn More]

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ICC Implements AMD Technology to Help eHealth Nigeria Design a System to Improve Healthcare in the Country - September 2011

Critical infrastructure such as healthcare is essential in every country, but nowhere are people more vulnerable to holes in the system as countries developing while plagued with ongoing conflict. Nigeria has made incredible strides in recent years yet remains a very fragile place in need of stable services to protect the well-being of its people. Working with our two partners, ICC played a critical role engineering a solution to support the development of the country's healthcare infrastructure. [Learn More]