Cashews, Datacenters and Imperial Pints

When I was a kid, there was a t.v. show called Beyond 2000. It showcased cutting edge technology that was supposed to change the way we worked and lived. I guess, at the time, the siren song of the millennium still held its allure. Then we got American Idol and it all went downhill. I […]

Can parallel processing resurrect Moore’s Law? has published an interesting article about the end of Moore’s Law in the computer processing world. In 1975, Intel’s Gordon Moore wrote that computing power would double every year (later revised to every 1.5 years). This prediction held true for decades. Until now. Bill Daily writes that in the last decade, Moore’s Law has […]

Graphene – the “new silicon”?

The insideHPC blog reports that engineers at Ohio State University have used a local supercomputer to simulate microscopic manipulation of graphene, a one-atom-thick form of graphite. The engineers’ successful simulation and subsequent lab experiments have shown that graphene can perhaps become a superior substitute to silicon in electronics. According to the Ohio Supercomputer Center website, […]