New online products: workstations, towers and multi-CPU servers

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been adding new configurable products to our online store. In this post, I will cover the workstations, tower servers, and Intel-based quad-CPU rack servers that are now available for sale online. The main difference between an ICC workstation and an ICC tower server is the motherboard (the […]

Cluster computing for small and medium businesses

We’ve updated our high-density servers webpage with a solution tailored to small and medium businesses (SMB): the ICC Modular Server (IMS). Built on similar principles to blade servers, we are selling our IMS to organizations that can benefit from an upgrade of their current (limited) server resources to an entry-level cluster solution. Let’s take a […]

ICC Builds Solution for NCSA “Dark Energy Survey”

International Computer Concepts, with partner LSI, has developed a supercomputing solution for one of the most challenging astronomy projects ever conceived. The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) is an organization that develops and deploys national-scale cyberinfrastructure that advances science and engineering, providing high performance computing (HPC) resources to researchers across the country. Leading-edge computing, […]

GPU workstation sale (and other news)

Wow, this is the first update in a while on the ICC blog. We have been working on several web-based projects that have been keeping us busy, and I would like to highlight some of them (and other news) in this post. Website and product news First of all, as you may have noticed, our […]

AMD launches Opteron 4100 series of CPUs

On June 23, AMD launched their new series of processors: Opteron 4100. These processors are targeted to entry-level buyers and offer CPUs starting at $99 each (the cheapest model for orders of 1,000 or more). The  Opteron 4100 processors are called the “Lisbon” series and are part of the “San Marino” platform that will continue […]

ICC AMD servers now for sale online

Today we have completed and uploaded our AMD server products to the ICC website ( Although you can buy all products made by our partner Supermicro (including Blade, TwinBlade and workstation solutions) by contacting us by e-mail or phone, the web commerce team at ICC has been working to make available as many of our […]

Supermicro has built the fastest 1U server on earth (powered by NVIDIA Tesla 20-series “Fermi” GPU modules)

Supermicro has just launched its second-generation GPU SuperServers, one of which is considered to be the fastest 1U (1 unit on a server rack) server on the planet (see their press release). It is truly remarkable how GPUs are transforming the server industry. According to the white paper put out by Supermicro, high-performance computing (HPC) […]

ICC dual CPU servers with Xeon 5600s now available online

Our website has been updated to include our new line of Intel dual CPU servers with the new Xeon 5600 processors. We are updating our website as fast as we can with the new servers that we are building since AMD and Intel launched their updated processor series – Intel Xeon 3600, 5600 and 7500, […]