Intel MIC and its Comprehensive Networking Strategy


Last week we talked about the upcoming release of Intel’s Xeon E5 processor family. This week, we have some even more important announcements regarding Intel MIC and the strategic direction that Intel is headed regarding high performance computing.

Server rooms get hotter in Zurich

IBM’s new data center offers bold new ideas about how to cool servers. It has long been taken for granted that the best way to control the temperature in a server room was to keep it as cool as possible by blowing out the heat generated by processors inside the servers with chassis fans. IBM’s […]

Performance improvements and energy efficiency for HPC data centers

Scientific Computing magazine’s latest Q&A article addresses a topic very important to most professionals who own or operate a data center: how to improve performance and save money on energy costs. The magazine asked seven industry leaders in the HPC industry for their opinions about this subject. Their answers are very telling and reveal the […]

Intel Atom processors vs. Intel Xeon processors for server clusters

When it comes to server processors, bigger and faster isn’t always better. Linux Magazine has published an article about how using less powerful processors (but more of them) can actually be a smarter decision than using top-of-the-line CPUs. The author of the article, Douglas Eadline, compares building a cluster with Intel Xeon processors to creating […]