Water-Cooled Server Solutions

According to market analysis agency The 451 Group, there’s an increasing need for water-cooled systems in the data center. At ICC, we’ve seen the benefits of switching from noisy, inefficient air conditioning to streamlined, virtually silent water-cooled options — these include everything from heat recycling opportunities to more control over rack configurations to lower total […]

Future Trends in HPC, part 2

This is a continuation of our look at future trends in high performance computing. In part 1 we covered the first five of the top ten trends. In this installment we’ll wrap up with the remaining five.

Future Trends in HPC, part 1

As we near the end of 2011, we take a moment to reflect on the past year. It’s been a busy year for IT across virtually all verticals, from mobile and search to enterprise servers and cloud computing. When we attended HPC360 a few weeks ago, we had the pleasure to attend a keynote presentation […]

Facebook’s “Green” European Data Center

As power consumption eats away at the environment and company budgets, many organizations constantly look for ways that they can harness renewable energy to cut down costs and improve their image with regard to the environment. Facebook’s first data center in Europe, based in Lulea, Sweden, is a good example of the possibilities of this:

Cooling Servers Under Oil

Micheal Feldman of HPCwire has written an interesting article about a startup company called Green Revolution Cooling (GRC) that has a competitive and innovative product in the server cooling market. GRC has developed a server rack that lies horizontally on the floor and is filled with an oil-based cooling fluid. Any server that is built […]

Floating data center: a ship full of servers

As Data Center Knowledge reports, a proof-of-concept is currently being developed for a cargo vessel to be used as a dedicated data center. The effort is being led by International Data Security (IDS), a relatively new company, which began the project in 2008 but experienced financial setbacks until this month, when it announced that they […]

Server rooms get hotter in Zurich

IBM’s new data center offers bold new ideas about how to cool servers. It has long been taken for granted that the best way to control the temperature in a server room was to keep it as cool as possible by blowing out the heat generated by processors inside the servers with chassis fans. IBM’s […]

Performance improvements and energy efficiency for HPC data centers

Scientific Computing magazine’s latest Q&A article addresses a topic very important to most professionals who own or operate a data center: how to improve performance and save money on energy costs. The magazine asked seven industry leaders in the HPC industry for their opinions about this subject. Their answers are very telling and reveal the […]

Servers and liquid cooling

If you’ve ever been in a hot server room where noisy fans were whistling from all corners of the server racks, then perhaps you may have wondered to yourself, Isn’t there a better way to cool this place? As it turns out, there are different ways to cool servers. ServerWatch.com published an article about these […]