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Vega Solutions and FIA Expo 2012

In the next few months we will be attending a couple major shows. One in particular is the Futures Industry Association's annual Expo, held right here in Chicago. This is part of our comprehensive move into the field of computational finance. Over the last few months we've engaged in rigorous testing of a new solution line codenamed Vega. Our Vega solution line is a specialized set of systems geared towards the particular types of environments found in the world of high frequency trading and … [Read more...]

IT Hardware and Software in Computational Finance

Knight Capital

We've all met that person in business who feels that IT isn't that important. A couple of weeks ago, we saw how a failure in IT could cost millions of dollars and bring an entire company to its knees. In the wake of the near-collapse of Knight Capital Partners, there has been much discussion around the merits and dangers of high frequency trading. HFT, as a major pillar of computational finance, has increasingly relied on high performance computing resources to process financial transactions … [Read more...]

ICC Builds Solution for NCSA “Dark Energy Survey”

International Computer Concepts, with partner LSI, has developed a supercomputing solution for one of the most challenging astronomy projects ever conceived. The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) is an organization that develops and deploys national-scale cyberinfrastructure that advances science and engineering, providing high performance computing (HPC) resources to researchers across the country. Leading-edge computing, data storage, and visualization resources come … [Read more...]

AMD Fusion processors – from GPU to APU

GPUs (graphics processing units) are a favorite topic on this blog. It is an innovative and powerful computing idea with an almost awkward origin: the graphics card, which has in the past been used to perform calculations necessary for visual rendering, is now used in GPU applications to help the processor perform millions of general computations. In effect, the GPU becomes a specialized processor in the computer. GPU products have been soaring in popularity recently, especially for … [Read more...]

Performance improvements and energy efficiency for HPC data centers

Scientific Computing magazine's latest Q&A article addresses a topic very important to most professionals who own or operate a data center: how to improve performance and save money on energy costs. The magazine asked seven industry leaders in the HPC industry for their opinions about this subject. Their answers are very telling and reveal the state of data center technology today and the directions it will likely take in the near future. Reducing the cost of power consumption Perhaps … [Read more...]