Massive Storage Solutions


 Massive Storage SolutionsSometimes, size matters.On the front end your company needs speed: ICC's VEGA-series overclocked or massively parallel processing (MPP) solutions are ideal. On the back end, however, you need something less speedy and more substantial — a high-density storage solution that offers massive capacity without a huge footprint. We've got you covered.Space and Energy EfficiencyMassive storage and increased rack space don't often go hand in hand — you're probably used to … [Read more...]

Making Enterprise Storage a Little More Clear

Cubs Baseball Storage Networking Event Banner

Do you find enterprise storage daunting? When you think of it, is it shrouded in obscurity? You aren't alone! Many of our customers and prospects often express frustration at the complexity of tackling their storage challenges. That's why ICC, HGST, and Nexenta – leaders in enterprise storage – partnered up to host a networking and educational event at a rooftop Chicago Cubs game earlier this week! We had a great time with everyone: beer, burgers, and baseball... what's not to … [Read more...]

Software Defined Storage: ICC and Nexenta Joint Webinar


On Tuesday, September 24, 2013, our partner Nexenta brought us on for a joint webinar discussing the benefits of the NexentaStor platform and how we collaborated on a software-defined storage solution. In this webinar we address the common challenges in deploying enterprise storage with commodity hardware. If you are wondering how you can acquire high performance storage with enterprise class features at a lower cost than most traditional SAN architectures, learn more about our … [Read more...]

Understanding the RAID Controller

RAID Controllers and Storage System Configuration

In the last two episodes of our "Server Talk" podcast we have focused on the topic of RAID and storage media. Now, we’re going to put some of these pieces of information together and look at how storage systems can be configured with a RAID controller. One of the basic components of a storage system is the host bus adapter (HBA) which provides connectivity between a server and a storage device. Though HBAs do not inherently provide RAID functionality, they can be used with software RAID … [Read more...]

Server Talk Episode 4: Storage Media

Storage Media

In this episode of Server Talk, Alexey and Mike discuss the various forms of storage media and technology available: covering traditional spindle hard drives (HDDs), solid-state technology (SSDs), and Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCI-e). This timely episode comes on heels of a major announcement by Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (HGST) for the summer release of their new 12Gb/s SAS SSD family. 12Gb/s SAS is an emerging technology which will have a tremendous impact on the … [Read more...]

Server Talk Episode 3: An Intro to RAID

What is RAID?

Welcome to our third installment of "Server Talk." In this podcast, Alexey and Mike explore the topic of RAID: what is it and why is it important for your applications or business? Make sure to leave comments, Like, and Share us. (Download Transcript) Topics Covered: ICC News: New website! Industry News: SSD Shortage. What does RAID do? Breakdown of popular RAID levels (0, 1, 5, 10, etc.) The balance of performance / redundancy / … [Read more...]

SSD vs HDD: Choosing the right tool for the job


We've featured solid-state drives (SSDs) in the past on this blog. However, given the recent situation in Thailand and increasing shortage of hard-disk drives, I thought it would be appropriate to feature a piece helping people who are designing computer systems decide when it is a good idea to use SSDs rather the traditional hard drives (HDDs).* The first two things that people usually think of when they consider SSDs are that they are both much faster and more expensive than HDDs at the … [Read more...]

The Evolution of Storage – 2012 Isn’t Just the Year of the Dragon

2012 is quickly shaping up to be an exciting year in a variety of technology verticals. Just last week NVIDIA® announced a new production release of their CUDA computing toolkit, accelerating GPU computing. Meanwhile, everyone is excitedly awaiting the launch of the new Intel products shipping towards the end of Q1. But of all the areas in tech innovation, storage may be the one to set itself apart this year. Yesterday Computerworld ran a very thorough and informative piece titled "2012: The … [Read more...]

The Impact of Thailand and Hard-Drive Shortages

Everyone in our industry seems to be keeping at least one eye on the impact of the massive flooding in Thailand and the hard-drive shortages resulting from it. If you haven't been, here is a quick summary: Thailand is experiencing record flooding - the worst in 50 years. Manufacturers are struggling to continue work in the face of suspended plants and suppliers. Western Digital and Toshiba have shut down their hard-drive production facilities in Pathum Thani … [Read more...]

ICC Builds Solution for NCSA “Dark Energy Survey”

International Computer Concepts, with partner LSI, has developed a supercomputing solution for one of the most challenging astronomy projects ever conceived. The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) is an organization that develops and deploys national-scale cyberinfrastructure that advances science and engineering, providing high performance computing (HPC) resources to researchers across the country. Leading-edge computing, data storage, and visualization resources come … [Read more...]