Lessons to Take Away While You’re At SC12


With Supercomputing 2012 underway this week, Datanami published a fantastic article with insights into the top 20 lessons from 20 different sessions that enterprise IT decision makers should take away with them. The original article is quite lengthy so here is each point presented more simply with links to the events on the website. If you are attending SC12 remember to stop and see us in the booths of our partners CoolIT (Booth 4629) and Intel (Booth 2511) It's crucial to have an overall … [Read more...]

Supercomputers, Raspberry Pis, and Building a New Universe!

Mira Supercomputer

This week has seen a couple very interesting stories in high performance computing. We shared both of them over our Facebook and Twitter channels. The first was cast as quite possibly the cheapest supercomputer you could build... and it used Raspberry Pis and legos! Ever dreamt of owning a supercomputer but didn’t have millions of dollars to spare? Thanks to some inventive thinking by one professor, you can now make a supercomputer all your own. All you’ll need is a collection of credit … [Read more...]

HPC on a Budget with NovaServ and Xeon E5

ICC NovaServ R-140i Rack Server

Intel's Xeon E5-4600 series processors offer a new way to do high performance computing... on a budget. Our rack server system NovaServ R-140i is an ideal low-cost solution for HPC markets: a 4-way, high-density server in a 1U server body. The product SKU characters designate the type of system it is: R for rack server, 1 for the 1U form factor, 4 for the processor count (4-way system), 0 to establish a base performance level for future systems with similar design specs, and i for Intel … [Read more...]

Data Center Pushing Us Towards Exascale Future

Jaguar Supercomputer

"On the Road to Exascale..." It's a phrase that we've been hearing a lot of in supercomputing circles the past few years. Exascale has been highly anticipated since the DARPA-commissioned report of 2007 and the breaking of the petaflop barrier the following year. While an exascale reality might be a ways off, there are some signs in the present that offer a glimpse at what it might look like. Today, Data Center Knowledge released a piece on the high-end data-crunching being performed every … [Read more...]

IT Hardware and Software in Computational Finance

Knight Capital

We've all met that person in business who feels that IT isn't that important. A couple of weeks ago, we saw how a failure in IT could cost millions of dollars and bring an entire company to its knees. In the wake of the near-collapse of Knight Capital Partners, there has been much discussion around the merits and dangers of high frequency trading. HFT, as a major pillar of computational finance, has increasingly relied on high performance computing resources to process financial transactions … [Read more...]

Intel Acquires Whamcloud

Intel Whamcloud

In its continuing push to expand its sphere of influence in the high performance computing (HPC) space, our partner Intel has acquired Whamcloud, a startup devoted to supporting the open source Lustre parallel file system and its user community. Whamcloud was launched in July 2010, at a time when the Lustre technology and community were in turmoil. At that point, the Lustre IP, and more importantly, the Lustre brain trust (Peter Braam, Eric Barton, Robert Read, and others) were under the … [Read more...]

Future Trends in HPC, part 2

This is a continuation of our look at future trends in high performance computing. In part 1 we covered the first five of the top ten trends. In this installment we'll wrap up with the remaining five. … [Read more...]

Future Trends in HPC, part 1

As we near the end of 2011, we take a moment to reflect on the past year. It's been a busy year for IT across virtually all verticals, from mobile and search to enterprise servers and cloud computing. When we attended HPC360 a few weeks ago, we had the pleasure to attend a keynote presentation by Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect Research in which he discussed the most important trends in high performance computing (HPC). HPC is an exciting and growing industry that ICC has been moving into the … [Read more...]

New GPU Solutions for Grid Computing and other Supercomputing Needs

We've just launched two new GPU products, along with our new GPU supercomputing solutions section! GPU computing is the use of a graphics processing unit (GPU) in computing purposes, from general-purpose to supercomputing tasks. With a constantly increasing demand for greater computing performance across the board, supercomputing is more and more drawing upon a hybrid model which integrates the roles of GPUs and CPUs. If you are looking to gain a performance boost in your cluster or grid … [Read more...]

Cluster computing for small and medium businesses

We've updated our high-density servers webpage with a solution tailored to small and medium businesses (SMB): the ICC Modular Server (IMS). Built on similar principles to blade servers, we are selling our IMS to organizations that can benefit from an upgrade of their current (limited) server resources to an entry-level cluster solution. Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of this product to get an idea of whether it's right for you. The ICC Modular Server (IMS) contains … [Read more...]