The CPU for the Modern Data Center: Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v2 ‘Ivy Bridge-EP’ (Server Talk Episode 7)

Intel Xeon E5 v2 Features

Learn more about the new Xeon E5 v2 Ivy Bridge-EP Processors

InfiniBand: The Competitive Advantage (Server Talk Episode 6)


In this intro to the InfiniBand technology, we take a high-level overview of the key benefits of using IB in HPC and supercomputing environments

Server Talk Episode 5: Intel Releases Xeon Haswell CPUs


In this special episode of “Server Talk” we interview Emily Hutson from Intel to learn more about the the features and advantages of the third generation Xeon E3 “Haswell” processors

Server Talk Episode 4: Storage Media

Storage Media

From the evolution of spindle disks through solid-state and PCI-e technology, we explore the pros and cons of different storage media

Server Talk Episode 3: An Intro to RAID

What is RAID?

You may have heard the term RAID before but been confused about what exactly it does. In this episode of “Server Talk” Alexey and Mike explore what RAID is and why it’s important for your applications and business.

Server Talk Episode 2: What are GPUs?

What Are GPUs

Ever wonder what exactly a GPU is and does? Now’s your chance to find out in episode 2 of our podcast “Server Talk”!

Server Talk Episode 1: An Introduction to Servers

Server Talk

Heard about servers but not quite sure about them? Learn more in the first episode of our podcast “Server Talk”!