HPC360 Conference Recap

We just returned from R Systems HPC360, a conference on high performance computing down in Champaign, Illinois which brought together leading industry professionals, academics, scientists, and enthusiasts. The conference was titled HPC360 “Innovation through Modeling and Simulation”. The event took place at the i Hotel and Conference Center in Champaign, hosted by R Systems and […]

Microsoft HPC Server 2008 R2 – cool new features

Yesterday, at an HPC conference for the financial industry, Microsoft announced an update (R2) for Windows HPC Server 2008. Aside from offering new features that will take advantage of innovations in cloud computing, Microsoft claims that this update will make HPC Server 2008 less expensive to operate than Linux. The reasoning, according to Microsoft, is […]

Yesterday’s (May 6) stock plunge and computational finance

For those following financial news, yesterday was a crazy day on the stock market. Financial markets around the world have already been on a perpetual roller coaster ride because of sagging economic growth in Europe, especially in Greece. But yesterday, the DOW took its single largest plunge in history – an almost 1,000 point-loss (about 10% of […]